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Barruntando Cerámica is formed a group of women from different parts of Spain with a common hobby, pottery. After many months of learning and effort we decided to unite to create this small project in which we have put all our illusion and our desire. We make useful pieces with a different touch, to get you a smile. We love the rustic objects, which are noted that they are handmade and decorated by hand and also fulfill perfectly with their purpose. We could say that our flagship are the yarn bowls or knitting bowls, but we do other things that we love very much, like figures and miniatures, bowls with fun animal shapes or jewelry. A production of handcrafted items like the ones we would like to have in our homes. Our main objective is to bring a small breath of fresh air to the ceramic, which translates into cheerful and casual designs, handcrafted with raw materials and traditional techniques, one by one; So all our jobs are unique, no two are alike.
Barruntando Cerámica Team

Our Things

Miniature or Figures, Yarn Bowls or Funny Animal Bowls are our favorite pieces. Creative and Desing Ceramic for your Home or Just for You.
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Figures And Miniatures

Kids Figures with Animal Costumes
Crocodile Miniature
Croqueta and Empanadilla Figures
More Miniatures

Yarn Bowls

Hedgehog Yarn Bowl
Cactus Yarn Bowl
Ceramic Ladybugs Yarn Bowl
Green Fox Yarn Bowl
Baby Sloth Yarn Bowl
Blue Clouds Yarn Bowl
More Yarn Bolws


Hedgehod Bowl
Yellow Fox Bowl
Baby Seal Bowl
Platypus Bowl
Stripes Fish Bowl
Cloud Bowls
More Bowls

Other Things

Whale Soap Dish. Whale Scourer Holder
Striped Siamese Cat Planter
Coffe Set with Green Glaze
Ceramic White Vampire Magnets
White Ceramic Salt Box With Cork Stopper
Ceramic Cupcake Stands
Cloud Spoon Rest
Faceted Planters Green and Blue
Halloween Vampire Pendants
More Things



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