Our Things

    In Barruntando Cerámica we work the pottery with a lot of care to obtain the finishes that we are so characteristic.

We especially like light colors, as white, so our favorite material is white clay, also popularly known as earthenware, which is characterized by its strength, that is why it has been used to make household goods and other home pieces of great use. We also work with red clay or stoneware and our decorations are mainly made with inorganic pigments. In certain occasions, we use recipes of engobes and colored glazes, elaborated by ourselves, for some special pieces.

For the finishing we usually use transparent glazes, suitable for food use, bright and soft, although the satin finish also enchants us.

Our catalog ranges from tea and coffee sets, plates or cups, to the most avant-garde design jewelery; going through our lovely salt and pepers shakers or candle holders, or our fun cat planters. But, without a doubt, our star product are our yarn bowls or knitting bowls, very original designs for some pieces that can serve for your favorite hobby or, of course, to use them in the way you like ( For candies, chocolates, etc.).

In the Main Web Menu, you will be able to find all our works grouped by categories so that you are more comfortable to find what you like more, or simply let go and surprise yourself with an unexpected find.


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