Yarn Bowls

       These are our Special Yarn Bowls or Knitting Bowls. With them, you can make the most beautiful crochet or knit works in a easy mode. They prevent the ball from rolling because the wool goes through the hook of the bowl, slowing the ball that slowly unwinds easily inside the bowl.

       They’re made of white clay or red clay, decorated with pigments and glazes and they’ve several strategic holes that serve to place the needles between the pauses of knitting. We currently have bowls with different types of open works (stars, clouds, hearts, double hooks …) all made of white clay. We also have several models in red clay with satin glaze finish, or our geometric line of cube yarn bowls. And to finalize, our most cute line, with yarn bowls in the form of foxes, hedgehogs, with ladybugs or chubby cats … and even a very very cute  and original vampire yarn bowl  in two colors, black or white!

      This year, we’ve as novelty, several sets of needles that matching with some of our yarn bowls, like our white vampire needles or ladybugs needles. More models soon!

And if you want a special yarn bowl with a special shape or a special decoration for one of our yarn bowls,  you can send us  a message to our email info@barruntando.com or you can use our contact form clicking HERE and we’ll send you a budget with all the fabrication details and prices as soon as possible.